SPECS is a multidisciplinary group with expertise in psychology, engineering, biology, mathematics, physics, computer science and humanities.

Paul Verschure Group Leader / ICREA Research Professor

Anna Mura Senior Researcher

Xerxes Arsiwalla | Postdoctoral Researcher
Riccardo Zucca | Postdoctoral Researcher
Belén Rubio Ballester | Postdoctoral Researcher
Vicky Vouloutsi | Postdoctoral Researcher
Daniel Pacheco | Postdoctoral Researcher
Diogo Santos Pata Postdoctoral Researcher


Maria Blancas Muñoz | PhD Student
Klaudia Grechuta | PhD Student
Sock Ching Low | PhD Student
Martina Maier | PhD Student
Jordi-Ysard Puigbò Llobet | PhD Student
Dina Urikh | PhD Student
Ismael Tito Freire González | Research Assistant
Héctor López Carral | Research Assistant

Javier De la Torre Costa | Masters Student
Adrián Fernández Amil | Masters Student
Svenja Pieritz | Masters Student

Pedro Omedas Morera | Senior Technical Support to Research

Santiago Brandi | Technical Support to Research
Alejandro Escuredo Chimeno | Technical Support to Research
Antoni Gurguí Valverde | Technical Support to Research
Enrique Martínez Bueno | Technical Support to Research
Sytse Baldwin Wierenga |Technical Support to Research
Adria Espana Cumella Technical Support to Research
Patricia Fuentes Abadia Administration Support


Accordion Content

Guillem Arias Bedmar | Masters Student
Sacha Brouté | Masters Student
Hélène Marie Coupé | Masters Student
Violeta De Azpiazu Castillo | Masters Student
Javier De la Torre Costa | Masters Student
Adrián Fernández Amil | Masters Student
Lucas Lorenzo Peña | Masters Student
Elise Olivier | Masters Student
Svenja Pieritz | Masters Student
Christopher Rauser | Masters Student
Jenny Robayo Gómez | Masters Student
Anna Ruiz Ferrer | Masters Student
Jorge Verdú Añón | Masters Student
Yan Rong Zhang | Masters Student