EASEL project in CORDIS: “My teacher is a robot”

6 Sep 2017 – 10:16

The European Commission’s dissemination and information portal CORDIS has published an article on the EU-funded research projects cooridnated by SPECS_lab director Paul Vesrchure, EASEL, and its results in the broadest sense. My teacher is a robot – “EU-funded scientists have developed a robot that can assist teachers and may replace them in the classroom for certain tasks”

more at http://cordis.europa.eu/result/rcn/202898_en.html

SPECS has another doctor, congratulations Vicky!

7 Nov 2017 – 11:00

Today SPECS’s PhD student Vicky Vouloutsi defends her thesis entitled:

Learning from a robot: a study for the creation of synthetic psychologically plausible agents”

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Paul F.M.J. Verschure

PhD Tribunal

President: Tony Prescott (University of Sheffield, UK)
Vocal: Dr. Vladimir Estivill (UPF, ES)
Secretary: Dr. Paul Baxter (Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems, UK)

Date of defense:       Tuesday, 7 November  2017
Hora de lectura:        11:00
Where                      Sala 55309 de l’edifici Tànger – Campus del Poblenou



CSIM students visit SPECS_lab

31 Oct 2017 – 15:00

As part of their training program, students of the Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media master program at UPF visit different laboratories to learn about the different lines of research and projects to choose for their master thesis

Today, the CSIM  students had great fun visiting SPECS_lab and learned about the research lines of this group.